Thought Leadership Workshop

Thought Leadership



Your subject-matter experts know their topic inside and out. But do they know how to successfully communicate their knowledge to today's more distracted readers?

Through this three-hour course, those who craft thought-leadership content will develop the writing skills they need to educate and persuade. For LinkedIn articles, blog posts, testimony letters, research reports and more.

This workshop will be presented in English.

Presenter: Jeff Herrington
Time: 10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. CT
Dates: Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 and
  Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021
Price: $359
Location: Online



Session 1 Agenda (1.5 hours | Sept. 21)

  • The Reader Revolution (and how it's changed the way we write)
  • Knowing Your Key Message (and why leading with it ASAP is now paramount)
  • Options for Organizing Your Thought-Leadership Content
  • Using Subheads to Enhance Your Content's Effectiveness
  • Giving Your Content an Effective Conclusion


Session 2 Agenda (1.5 hours | Sept. 28)

  • Keeping Sentences Concise (and honoring today's maximum word count)
  • Keeping Paragraphs Compact (and honoring today's maximum sentence count)
  • Focusing Your Content on Human Beings, Not Things
  • Making Your Writing More Compelling
  • Using Data and Other Evidence to Support Your Assertions


In each session, you'll see compelling examples of thought leadership done well and thought leadership gone astray. You'll also come away with a robust resource sheet that will help you enhance your thought-leadership content in the weeks going forward.



Interested in a Session Tailored to Your Organization?

I'm happy to customize this workshop to reflect the topics addressed in your industry and deliver it online or in person to several of your colleagues.

I've recently developed customized versions of this workshop for the employees of:

  •    Cognizant Technology
  •    American Council of Life Insurers
  •    The Hackett Group
  •    Marathon Petroleum
  •    UnitedHealthcare
  •    Stanley Black & Decker


Want to discuss a session tailored to your employees? Contact me at